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Franchising Continued

Franchising Continued


Why kids arts and crafts?

Children can reap many benefits from making crafts.

  • Build their imagination with creativity.
  • Sense of accomplishment.
  • Social development.
  • Hand-eye coordination and motor control.
  • Creative expression and development.
  • Educational values, such as learning more on
    • Mathematics, by identifying shapes and sizes.
    • Colors and shapes.
    • Learn how to measure using a ruler.


  • We have identified the demand for locally operated Kidazzle® Studios over South Africa.
  • The demands on the modern family are high.  This gives way to the fact that parents put a high value on the convenience factor when it comes to the entertainment of their children.
  • Children’s skills have drastically decreased, due to the era of technology they grow up in.
  • The therapeutic value of working with one’s hands are often underestimated.
  • A lot of parents have the need for external experts to assist in coaching their children in developing skills they themselves may not have.



We love Kidazzle!  We were introduced to your lovely arts and crafts things at the Hobby-X in Midrand a few weekends ago, and unfortunately could not bear to give these two arts and crafts sets to any of our mates for their birthdays like our Mom had originally planned.

Our next mission is to get our mom, Sue, to sign up for a monthly craft packs...


Kirsten (5) and George (4) - Johannesburg
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